What is Freedom?

Studying at Starbucks in New York City
Studying at Starbucks in New York City

What is Freedom?

The topic of freedom is probably something that is harder for me, as an American, to talk about. When am I not free? I can choose to work or not work. Travel or stay at home. Browse to any website I choose (unlike in China). Listen to any type of music I want. Vote or not vote. Vote republican or democratic (or for whoever else). I can eat out. I can eat. Period.

I am free to do whatever I want to do. My life is my own (in a sense). I can choose to become educated or  remain uneducated. Etc.

Freedom is the ability for an individual to be who they want to be; who they are.

When do I feel most free in my job?

I do not currently have a typical job. I do work as it comes my way, or as I seek it out. But, back when I remember being chained to a desk I remember feeling most free when I could leave work early on Fridays. I would bust my butt off Monday through Friday and as a result would be ahead of my tasks for that week. Three o’clock would roll around and I would tell my manager that I was leaving for the day. And I did. He didn’t care, as long as my work was finished.

I always remember how free I felt walking out to the full parking lot; getting in my car; rolling the windows down; loosening my tie; and turning the music up as I would drive away. That, was freedom at my job.

In my day?

Currently I am a full-time online student. I am literally at home all day. As this is so, I do begin to feel like my home is a prison, that I’m stuck here studying. Sometimes, though, I get in my car and drive to Starbucks and order a tall black Italian Roast and grab a seat by one of the floor to ceiling windows. I feel the most free during my day studying remotely, away from home.

When is it better to not be free?

This might be obvious, or corny, but I believe it is better to NOT be free when it comes to having laws that say what I can and cannot do, especially traffic laws. I MUST stop at red lights, stop signs, and yes, sometimes at a “yield” sign. I must, for my safety and for the safety of those around me, drive within the speed limit. In these instances, it is best for me, and my fellow-man, to NOT be free to do what I want to do.

What is freedom to you?

2 thoughts on “What is Freedom?

  1. Most people will define “Freedom” as who they are when they aren’t tied down to responsibilities and life. In reality, nothing in this life is free. Freedom is a matter of choice, and some don’t have the choice to be truly free.

    Freedom for me is being free from mind, body, and spirit. Freedom to be myself, being truly accepted for who I am. Freedom for me is being free from my emotions. Freedom is when my spirit is not being fought by Satan and his wrath.

    Freedom is getting in my car after the gym, rolling down the windows and driving down the highway and being the only car there. It’s happened more than once and it’s the most liberating experience, ever.

    Freedom is being able to express myself without fear of rejection.

    While everything that is free in life does come with a price, the most freedom we will ever experience in life is freedom to be who we are with God in the forefront our life. With Him in our life as our Guider, we are truly free.

    Too deep? 🙂


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