Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

When I think of comfort, several things come to mind.

A chair

Obviously, because it is comfortable. In a chair I can give my back a break, cross my right leg over my left knee and stretch my lower back muscles, and I can lean my head back and close my eyes if I’m tired.


Anything. A magazine, book, or old journal entires. I usually have my iPad with me, so I’ll typically be reading a book from either the iBookstore or the Kindle Store, or one of the several magazines I read on my iPad (The New Yorker, TRVL, and Flight Training Magazine).


Hot or cold. Usually a tall black Italian Roast in a white ceramic mug with the Starbucks logo on the side. Starbucks is my third place, and I feel very comfortable when I am there drinking coffee.

Combine all three and this is when I’m most comfortable:

My Comfort
In a chair, with The New Yorker, and drinking coffee

I can be anywhere in the world and as long as I have these three things, which is not hard to do, I can be very comfortable.

How about you?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. Umm, let’s see, I think I am most comfortable in several places, actually.
    One is on my back porch on a sunny morning with a cup of coffee, my cross stitching and watching the birds at the feeder and birdbath.
    Secondly, would have to be in my cozy family room, my dog, Chloe, on her blanket on the couch next to me and my husband in the green LazyBoy while were watching a good English drama on Netflix.
    The first one is by far my favorite and most comfortable place:)
    This is a great topic, Aaron!


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