6 thoughts on “Writing a paper about England

    1. Both. And more. It is for my Sociology class. Not an enjoyable paper to write, especially when I’d much rather spend the time writing my theology paper, but it needs to be done 🙂


  1. What classes are you currently taking? I am thinking about going back to school for a Masters Degree (God & FINANCIALLY willing) and considering Biblical Studies as a major or possibly Counseling. Probably a mixture of both. Was wondering what courses your college offers. I like the idea of taking everything online but I also want to have face to face time. The area I live in doesn’t currently have a college or University that offers Biblical Studies as part of their curriculum. Living in the Bible belt, you’d think it’d be opposite huh? lol

    But it’s definitely a consideration of mine in the long term. Because you know it’s always good to think ahead! 🙂


    1. I am currently taking Sociology 200, U.S.History 221, and Theology 202. These classes wrap up this Friday, then I start Humanities 101 and Bible 350 ( Inductive bible study). Getting a lot of gen Ed courses out of the way this semester 🙂

      Visit http://www.luonline.com to take a look at the master degrees that they offer online. They do offer master degrees in Counseling and from their Religion dept., so it is worth looking into. That’s awesome that you want to get your masters degree…I hope it works out for you to do so!!


      1. Thank you Aaron! I checked out the website & I’m totally siked! Definitely a University I will consider attending. The courses they offer in their Master Degree program seem almost too good to be true & perfect for what I am considering pursuing.


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