5 Things I’m Afraid to Write About


  1. Future plans – by writing it I’m sure they would not come to pass
  2. Topics I do not know much about – I do not like sounding uneducated on a topic
  3. Lofty Dreams – I do not enjoy sounding like the romantic dreamer I can be
  4. Family – a. I value their privacy, b. it is none of your business, and c. it would probably cause family drama, and who wants that?
  5. Matters of National Security – I have always had this fear of publishing something that would have to do with terrorism, or consipiracy theories (like the Illuminati), or some other national security topic, and five minutes after hitting “publish” hearing a knock on my door.
How about you? What are 5 things you are afraid to write about?

3 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Afraid to Write About

  1. 1. Race — I don’t feel ethnic enough to join the conversation.
    2. Religion — cowardice. I don’t want to screw-up while discussing my beliefs, lest I inadvertantly turn somebody away from the truth.
    3. Homosexuality — more cowardice. Stray one inch from PC, anymore, and be blacklisted from life. I’d kind of like the opportunity to be popular, so…
    4. My Honest Opinons on Anything Non-Trivial — …except abortion, of which I disapprove strongly (and bravely) enough to get roped into a discussion if I must. Nothing else seems to outweigh the inconvenience of debate, for me.
    5. Lists of More Than Four — they scare me to death!!! As if; I just couldn’t come up with a fifth.


    1. Hey deshipely, thanks for the comment and for sharing your list of five. I especially like your fifth item. I had to sit still for a solid thirty minutes to come up with my list and I’m still not entirely satisfied with it. On your point with religion, I appreciate your concern for not wanting to insult people or turn them away. I believe that discussions that are religious in context must be treated very carefully by all parties involved and done respectfully. We can respectfully disagree with one another and still be friends, and even sometimes family!

      Thanks again for stopping by,



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