Writing from a Sailboat While at Sea

Yesterday the prompt that I wrote about was five things I am afraid to write about. Today’s prompt is: pick one of those five and write about it.

I should have known!

Probably the easiest one of my five to write about is lofty dreams. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed daydreaming. I would be scolded in school for staring out the window for too long, or someone would ask me a question and I would not hear it because my mind was elsewhere.

I don’t remember too well what I would daydream about back in the day, but I can tell you what I daydream about today. If you would catch me staring out of my office window, or a window at Starbucks, and would ask me right then and there what I was thinking about, it would probably be one of several things.


I love to write. Always have and always will. If I have to choose a method of communication with someone, I will always, if possible, choose writing. I enjoy the process of allowing my thoughts time to form themselves into english, and I especially enjoy writing them out, whether on my keyboard or with my Pelikan M200 fountain pen. Not only do I enjoy communicating that way, but also telling stories by way of writing.


Flying an airplane has always been a dream of mine, and one that I have actually accomplished. If I am daydreaming about this dream in particular, I am probably thinking about having my private license, owning my own plane, and flying with my wife to a remote cabin in the woods by a lake.

Publishing Books

Along with the writing dream mentioned above, I have always wanted to become a published author. More than that, I want to publish material that makes people think. I enjoy reading great works of fiction, the unrealistic fiction with an unrealistic hero (think Ted Bell, Tom Clancy, etc), but when I write I tend to write on a more “deeper” level. If I were to write a work of fiction that would publish one day it would fit more into the literature category. It would be a work that would have a story, and underneath he story would be things that would jump out at the unsuspecting reader to make them ponder a great question of life.

A final dream that I do not allow much room at all due to how unrealistic it is: writing books from my sailboat while at sea (with a steaming cup of black coffee at hand, of course).

4 thoughts on “Writing from a Sailboat While at Sea

  1. Being published is quite simple in these days of Print on Demand and ebooks. For under $600 (last time I checked) you can have your words sandwiched between two covers and available on Amazon in a matter of days.
    Ebooks are cheaper ($0 for kindle) and even quicker.
    So, being published is not an issue. It’s being read, or even better, being paid for being read.
    Somehow, for me, sailboat writing would be empty. I need interaction, I need communication. I love to hear someone nearby complaining about their dentist, their lover or their runny eggs.
    It’s just me, but I can make it all up. I need some real life notes, real life dialogue and real life shoes.
    Form me, being paid to write, is a dream, just like writing great dialogue alone on a boat.


    1. You make excellent point about being published. I guess I should have been more specific on the writing point: I would like to be paid to write. And publish. And I would also like to have an audience waiting to buy my books 🙂 dream world, right?


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