Finished Writing Through my Moleskine Journal

Finished a Moleskine notebook, so I took some time to reflect on the pages that I wrote on before opening the next Moleskine.



8 thoughts on “Finished Writing Through my Moleskine Journal

  1. Have you considered publishing your journals? I’m considering it. Long-term of course. 🙂

    You talk a lot about publishing, maybe that’s what you should do. Sometimes our purpose in life is something small but can have a big impact on the path we’re on and the path to our purpose. Sometimes our future is staring us right in the face.


    1. Hey Julie, publishing my journals is not an option for me. If I published them, or wrote them to publish, I would not write in them as I do. Not to say that the content isn’t appropriate for public consumption, but that it would effect how I wrote in them. Does that make sense?

      Publishing though…in general, yes! I would love to eventually have something published of value. What that is I have no idea yet, but, as you said, it is probably staring me right in the face.


  2. Absolutely, makes sense :). I think as a writer, we need to write from the heart and just because we do doesnt always mean it needs to be put out there for everyone. Sometimes our writing are meant to be sacred.

    *cough Your papers cough* 🙂


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