My Opinion of the Occupy Movement and the “99%”

Personally, I could have more money, too. But I’m not Occupying Wall Street demanding that someone else gives me money (or stops taking more for themselves). I also have student debt and am going to school full-time, so I guess that makes me a part of the 99%, but I’m not complaining about it.

I decided to go back to school now.
I decided to get student loans.
I decided to take the risk.
And I’m not complaining about it.

Who do I expect to pay off my student debt? ME. And I will. How? I’ll get a job and bust my butt.

And I won’t complain about it, because I made the decision.

Sure, there are a few corrupt higher ups in our country that should be let go so that someone else can make better decisions when it comes to having and paying employees, but not every CEO and executive is corrupt.

Stop Occupying Wall Street and occupy a job.

5 thoughts on “My Opinion of the Occupy Movement and the “99%”

  1. I honestly know nothing about the occupy wall street thing but I’m with you on the student loan thing, it was my choice to go to school and of course nobody but me should pay for it. It’s funny how some people hear that you have student loans and say “Oh I’m sorry, that’s terrible and such a burden”, things like that but it’s not like it blindsided us…we kindof knew it would happen.


  2. Just a little disagreement here–only because I believe equity and fairness trumps greed and stratification. I also believe that greed, stratification and inequalities will increase unless challenged and if that means standing in the streets to draw attention to the unemployed and destitute than so be it! Somewhere in the first ten amendments of our constitution (thank God) every person is the given the right of free speech along with the right to publicly make their voices heard! I realize you are not arguing against these rights but I just though a reminder was in order here. Enjoy your privileges, but respect those who are struggling for same!


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