If I Found $1,000 Worth of Superballs I would…

Charter a helicopter and drop all of them from 1,000 feet.

Growing up I always had this dream of being able to drop a boulder from a helicopter into the ocean to see how big of a splash it would make; I can only imagine how high these balls would bounce, or the sound it would make as they all hit the ground. (Apparently this was already done, sort of).

Random, I know, but that’s what I would do.

How about you? If you found this amount of balls and had the free-time to do something with them, what would you do?

6 thoughts on “If I Found $1,000 Worth of Superballs I would…

  1. Wow, Aaron, what an interesting question!! I did a little bit of research on Oriental Trading and found out out that for $1,000 you could buy 10, 656 bouncy balls. So, let’s see… I would try to find the most needy 10,656 children in the world and give them each a bouncy ball. A simply bouncy ball would give such joy to so many children:)


  2. I second your dream of seeing a boudler dropped from a helicopter, I think we may have discussed that in depth as children. Anyways, I’d build a bunch of snow men and a potato canon then I’d stuff the canon full of the super balls and blast the snow men to pieces!


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