New Coffee at Home: Starbucks Kenya Coffee

Starbucks Kenya Coffee

We’ve offered Kenya coffee since 1971, and even after all these years, it never ceases to amaze us. The acidity is like a big bowl of fresh fruit. For a roaster, it’s a joy to find a coffee with the quintessential taste of Kenya. Juicy acidity, elegant mouthfeel and complex layers of flavor, often with wine-like low notes, hints of black currant, blackberry and even tart grapefruit. The rich flavors of Kenya captured in a cup.

Enjoy with:
A wedge of pink grapefruit on a sunny veranda.

I can speak to the fruitiness contained in this coffee! Very flavorful, great cup of coffee!

Oh, and here’s a sunny veranda in Kenya 🙂

Sunny Veranda in Kenya

Author: Aaron

Husband, father, and business owner. Constantly learning, adapting, changing, and thinking. Prefers to do the previous sentence with a cigar in hand.

2 thoughts on “New Coffee at Home: Starbucks Kenya Coffee”

  1. Sounds different, fruit flavor in coffee…I’ll have to try that sometime. Anyways congrats on you guys moving to kenya, nice patio (or veranda as you said). Please invite me over sometime, thanks!


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