I Have Never Had to Fire Someone, but…

Back in 2006-2007 I worked for a visual marketing firm as their logistics coordinator and warehouse manager. I was in my early twenties and very fortunate to have such a job without a degree. In addition to the responsibilities of managing client accounts and materials, I also had an employee who worked under me. He was in his mid sixties.

We got along great. He was funny, a hard worker, and I never had any problems with him; but other employees in the company did. He talked a lot. He would interrupt their day when he came by chatting about any and everything.

Because he was my responsibility I had to talk to him about this. I decided to bring it up during his annual review. He hadled it ok, but it was extremely awkward for me to have to tell him that he needed to not talk as much.

So, I never had to fire anyone, but I did have to correct a man forty years older than me. Kinda weird for me.

How about you? Have you ever had to correct someone in a professional environment who was older than you?

2 thoughts on “I Have Never Had to Fire Someone, but…

  1. That sounds very awkward indeed. I wish I could correct certain things with the older people I work with but unfortunately the whole rank thing prohibits that; they’re magically superior in every way. I “confronted” my roommate about his uncleanliness this past week, that counts to me since I usually don’t confront people about things.


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