The PDF Version of this week’s Theological Paper is ready!

Researching and writing the articles are definitely my favorite part of the process, but designing the PDF version comes in at a close second.

If you haven’t taken a look at the academic articles I publish yet, feel free to browse the PDF and post archive.

8 thoughts on “The PDF Version of this week’s Theological Paper is ready!

      1. I always take these papers as I am the student and you are the teacher. I know in the long-run you want to be a published writer and/or teach the Bible? Right?

        I think it would benefit me if after you post the paper, you address key points the paper is trying to convey or get across to your audience (students). Maybe follow up with discussion questions or “points of interest.” It might also prohibit people who visit your site for going “off topic” or on their own tangent. Unless of course you like that sort of thing ;).

        Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever designed a website but have you thought about possibly turning your theology papers into an open forum online?

        Also “think outside the box.” If you happened to come across your website, what as a user do you feel the site should have?

        Overall I enjoy your papers. I will admit, the last one was a bit over my head πŸ˜€ and that’s why I say maybe post discussion questions after your post.

        Just some ideas. πŸ™‚


        1. Excellent feedback and ideas! Thanks for sending them along. I especially appreciate your thoughts on the points of interests and/or discussion questions. I see your point on that.

          What exactly do you have in mind when you say “open forum?”


          1. Think of it like this. Youre at a podium in a room full of people giving a speech on a topic people either know about, don’t know about, or want to learn about (I’d fall into that category).

            Think of the website you’d design as a forum or “stage.” Users can log on or post on your topic (s) and post their feedback on the paper or topic you have posted for that week. It would invite a more larger audience to read your papers and offer their insights too.

            Have you connected with any one you attend school with? I know you take courses online, but surely someone in at least one of your courses does the same thing you do.

            Think of the possiblity that your papers can reach a network of people, not just people on Twitter ;). That’s the idea behind the forum. You design a website that basically covers what you have learned, what you’re learning, and your papers that tie it all together.


            1. What you are describing is something I have been thinking about since around May. Basically a place to go to where you can learn and interact with the material and other site members in such a way that would facilitate and create a learning environment.

              I have not mentioned this to anyone in my classes, but have thought about doing so.


              1. Yes sirrr! Dude, if you’ve been thinking about it since May, why have you not pursued it? Maybe you just needed to a little kick in the right direction ……*KICK* πŸ˜› haha. jk!

                Do it! What are you waiting for? (Rhetorical question)

                Seriously, do it. What you’re doing is great! In my life I’ve been taught, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” I am willing to push the idea that what you know can open SO many doors for you to introduce you to people you SHOULD know.

                But yes, what you said above is the idea I was going for. πŸ™‚


                1. I tend to jump on ideas right when I have then and to date a majority of them have flopped. I want this one to be different, so I’m giving it time to sort of evolve naturally.

                  I will definitely let you know when things go in that direction!


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