To be, or not to be – Maybe He Decided Not to Be?

Who would have thunk? I ask myself and other people a lot of questions. All day long. It is how you learn, grow, understand, find knowledge, and hopefully wisdom. But, among all of the questions I ask, “Did William Shakespeare really exist?” was never one of them.

Truly. I never quesioned such a claim. Of course he did! Well, in name at least. I guess if there is one thing that I can deduce from the film Anonymous it is that maybe, just maybe, William Shakespeare was simply a pen name.

Conspiracy? Have we been tricked all these years into believing that an actual man by the actual name William Shakespeare existed? I hope not, but I guess, and here’s the beautiful thing, we will never know.

(Unless of course a ground breaking document is discovered that tells us one way or the other. Until then, enjoy the conspiracy theory!)

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