I’m a Forty Thirty Thirty

Thinking about how I am the person I am is a difficult thing to ponder. I believe that a high number of me is made up of genetics. From my parents and their parents, and their parents. I probably have a little bit of my dad, a little bit of my mom, some of my late grandfather, and who knows what else from other closer relatives. I would say that maybe genetics is 40% of who I am.

Then, I think it is safe to split the remaining 60% into two parts. 30% of me has been shaped by things I have been exposed to. As a baby, toddler, child, and the pre-teen years. During those times I really had no say in life about anything, as is probably the case for most of us. We do what we are told, and don’t really ask questions. And honestly, those years are quite foggy for me, so who knows, maybe I smoked crack with my parents (just kidding. really. my mom reads this so that one is a light hearted joke). So 30% is things that I was subjected to.

The final 30% is things that I choose to do. The decisions we make during our teen years really begin to hold water and a lot of responsibility because, well, we are making decisions. Hopefully our parents step in when we are getting out of line with something, but for a lot of us, those years are years of learning how to make decisions. I would say that this part of our life is constantly changing and growing and improving (hopefully) as we age.

What do you think? How do you think you have been sliced and diced?

2 thoughts on “I’m a Forty Thirty Thirty

  1. I think you have a pretty accurate percentage rating going on there. Personally I would split the 60% in half as you did, but 30% I would say has been shaped by life mentors I have chosen (or did they choose me) and 30% decisions I have made. I would lump baby, toddler, child, pre-teen in with the 40% parent influence. Thanks, made me think.


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