Also, I Didn’t Ask for Your Opinion

This is what some people think I do all day

It is hard for me to recall something witty that I could have said in response to a comment from a friend or family member. Those thoughts are always during the car ride home and are only for the moment. I don’t dwell on them or do anything about them.

While I don’t have anything witty to write here, I do have something that I wish I would say to people.

You would be surprised at the number of people who think that all I do during the day is sit on our couch, eat bon-bons, and watch daytime television.

Yes, I am at home all day.
No, I am not sitting around with a gallon of ice-cream in one hand and a spoon in the other.

I work all day. From 5:30am-5:00pm, sometimes 10:00pm depending on my task list. (Note: the people who say rude comments about my schedule and lack of a traditional sit-at-your-desk-and-be-miserable-all-day 9-5 job, don’t get up as early as I do). I have a full-time class load at Liberty University Online (if I were at the school paying room and board, I would not have people offering up their thoughts on my life. It would be more normal, more acceptable. Also MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE).

We are living in an extremely large home that is up for sale (larger than the homes of the people who say rude comments) and I am responsible for keeping the inside show ready as often as possible (thus it is cleaner than the homes of those who say rude remarks) and am also responsible for the lawn care and keeping up with the landscaping (which is more than what the rude remark people have to manage).

Despite our home situation, I am in school full-time. I don’t think this matters to some folks.

Five years ago, when I was working full-time and unhappy with the good amount of money I was making and the lack of direction in my life (career), it was, “Aaron, you should really go back to school.”
Now, “Aaron, when are you going to get a job.”

Moral of the story: you can’t win and don’t try to please everybody. You won’t. (I elect to make sure my immediate family, my wife, is happy with what I am doing. Everything I do during the day is because her and I have already discussed it. And thus, my schedule and what I do is approved by her. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it).

4 thoughts on “Also, I Didn’t Ask for Your Opinion

  1. Most people who offer their opinion, don’t know anything about you or your life. They only see one side of it.

    At the end of the day, no one’s opinion matters, only your own and of course the people you love and care about. Oh yeah, and God’s. 🙂

    I’m only commenting because I’ve been there.


  2. It is absolutely no one else’s business how you spend your time, Aaron, and knowing you, the way I do, you manage your time very well.

    Cute picture, by the way!


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