How I Know When I am Right

The flip side of knowing when you are wrong is knowing when you are right. This one is much harder, more rare, and needs to be enjoyed (because of it’s rarity).

You know when you are right the same way you know when you are wrong, you just know. It is a cognitive reality. Sometimes you will know right away because your conscience hasn’t piped up (hopefully yours still has a voice!), this is a great a refreshing place to be in. Other times, knowing when you are right will take years to show itself.

Take, for instance, my decision to go back to school after being married four years. I think (cognitively) that I made the right decision, but a part of me is waiting to declare victory until I graduate and am working in my chosen profession (hopefully teaching the Bible somewhere). My conscience hasn’t said I’m wrong and my cognitive abilities have given me a lot of hope. Also, I am simply trusting God.

I made a very thought out decision with my wife and a few close friends and family members, and looked at what a college education will give me (skills to get into a career that I will have passion for). I made a careful decision and all signs pointed to, “this is right.” Now, in the midst of it, I’m trusting God.

Long answer. Hopefully you see what I’m saying.

How about you? When do you know you are right?

2 thoughts on “How I Know When I am Right

  1. These last two posts had me thinking and I’m probably not going to make much sense, but here goes:

    How do I know I’m right? This is going to sound pretty conceited, but prior to turning my life over to God, I knew I was right when I saw what I knew would happen inevitably happen. Meaning, if I had a thought about someone and their life and they didn’t take to heart what I said, they ended up running off course and following the path I knew they would.

    That’s generally how I knew I was right.

    Now that I am a believer and I am growing in my faith I am realizing to find balance in knowing between what is “right and wrong” requires perspective. It also requires that you have boundaries. Whether invisible or physical. Lately, I am realizing that there are invisible boundaries, boundaries I am not aware of. Admittedly, it was often hard for me to say “Okay yeah bad move Julie, you probably shouldn’t have done or said A, B, C.” but that’s the great part about being a Christian and a believer in God.

    When I recognize the error of my decisions, I hear God’s voice. I ask myself “What would He do?” It’s no longer “Julie, what would you do or say?” Because prior I’d just fly off the handle with my words and actions and wouldn’t care who or what got hurt in the process. I was a very blunt person, and I felt that if anyone didn’t like it, then that’s “them” problem and not a “Me” problem.

    In hindsight, how wrong I was. Because the truth is, God is always right. God’s Truth is fixed. God’s character is fixed. Our character should align with His Truth and Character. So when I find myself in a situation struggling with “Am I wrong for feeling this way?” “Am I right in how I acted?” I always ask, “What would God do?”

    In hindsight, through perspective, nothing is ever black and white. But as I am growing in my relationship with God, I am realizing that life doesn’t have to be about right and wrong, it all comes down to God and His Truth, His Law.

    Sorry for my tangent 🙂


    1. Right on! It is absolute human nature to do what you described. We are all guilty of doing that. But, and like you said, Christ changes that nature in us. He gives us a nature that desires to do what he commands and teaches. Knowing when you are wrong and admitting it is something that is hard. It goes against our very human nature of pride. But thankfully we are able to overcome that, for those that desire to, through Christ.

      These are things that all Christians will battle until called home.

      Great thoughts and thanks for thinking it through!


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