My Favorite Pen

Fellow blogger Robotic Rhetoric wrote a few weeks ago about his favorite pen. After reading about his favorite pen, which was very well written, as usual, I thought I would write about mine here.

My favorite pen is a Pelikan M200 fountain pen. My brother gave it to me last year as a Christmas gift. The cap is engraved with “Sir Aaron,” and it is the perfect writing instrument.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved collecting pens. This is probably due to my love for writing, but I also enjoyed the unique feel of each pen, and how each one wrote differently.

Despite my love for writing, and for pens, I never made an investment in any pen in particular. The most I ever spent on one was probably around $20. Then, about 4 years ago, I starting writing in Moleskine notebooks. Each notebook is around $20, depending where you buy them, and I began to feel like my pens were never good enough for the wonder that is a Moleskine notebook. I began to feel as though I was using inadequate pens and ink for writing on the wonderful acid-free paper (my favorite pen for years was a Pilot Dr. Grip, gel ink). I started to think that maybe I needed to make the jump and buy a real pen; a fountain pen.

Behold, last Christmas. I open the gift from my brother and to my surprise there is a new Pelikan fountain pen and an ink container with real ink. This pen immediately replaced the Pilot pen I had been writing with for the past three years and straight to YouTube I went to learn how to care for it.

I use this pen daily for journaling and research notes in my Moleskine notebook and love writing with it. A fountain pen is definitely the writing instrument to use if you are passionate about writing and the tools necessary to do so.

Below, enjoy glamour shots of my Pelikan M200 fountain pen (some of which you may have already seen) 🙂

iPad keyboard Moleskine notebook Pelikan m200 fountain pen
Starbucks Moleskine notebook and Pelikan m200 fountain pen
When it runs out of ink, it runs out of ink. Notice the faint "is" on the last line.

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Pen

  1. I’m always in search of the perfect pen. I love fountain pens with real ink, but i’m left-handed which smears ink from the “bestest” of pens. Congrats on getting the Pelikan. 🙂


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