Set-up my Wunderkit account today…

Not sure how I will use it, if at all. Might be a good solution for working on personal projects that require the help of others…but we’ll see. For work I use Basecamp and I can’t see Wunderkit replacing that unless the price for the Pro account came in at a much lesser amount. Even then…not sure how robust of a system it will be for collaborating on work projects.


2 thoughts on “Set-up my Wunderkit account today…

  1. Hi Aaron,

    I think I’m of the same opinion as yourself – I have tried it and it looks nice but I really don’t know how it’s going to replace anything I already use. I have BaseCamp, Wunderlist & Evernote and these three suit me perfectly for the various aspects of my personal and working lives. I’m not sure I want to replace them with something else.

    As you say, price may be a deciding factor – but I would also want to have my to-dos offline and mobile, so integration with (as opposed to migration from) Wunderlist would be a major requirement for me.

    I’m going to persevere and see whether there’s a place for it in my life, but so far, no.



    1. Ady,

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. The productivity market would be a difficult game to enter! With folks like us who have our tried and true systems in place, changing is not a really a consideration unless the competition is noticeably going to help us improve how we work.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


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