Driving There

On our way down to the beach this weekend I was reminded of a few things. The first is that it is okay to make a stop along the way. Lindsay noticed a sticky-bun stand on our drive and I drove right past it, only to turn around a few hundred feet later at her request. We had already left hours later than we wanted to, stopped at Starbucks for a pick-me-up, and weren’t really in that much of a rush. Making that U-Turn made for a fun memory. Lindsay will say that it was the best sticky-bun ever but I think she was just excited to get a snack from a stand on the side of the road.

The second item isn’t much of a reminder, but is just awesome. Driving down 896 seeing a horse and buggy is absolute normal, and is something I have seen plenty of times. One thing I haven’t seen before was an Amish boy being pulled in his mini-wagon by a mini-horse.

The third item repeats the first. As we neared our final destination we noticed an airplane making tight turns and quick dips towards the ground, below the tree-line. At first we thought it was an emergency landing but then we saw the same plane pop up above the tree line and make another tight turn before dipping again. We continued driving and had corn fields on both sides of the road…he was s crop duster. I’ve seen them fly before and am always amazed at the work, and skill, of the pilot. Lindsay had never seen a crop duster fly before so we pulled over and watched him work for 10 minutes or so. Again, could have kept driving, but instead decided to make a memory.

All of this before “vacation.” Although this will be quite the working vacation for me, I am excited to be away.

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