Simplification, WordPress 3.8 (beta), and Christmas

A lesson I am learning is that I tend to overcomplicate things that need not be complicated. Once everything settles I will share more details: reflection for me, education for you. Suffice it to say, complicating things is expensive and time consuming (which is also expensive).

Complicating things is also a way to learn. So there is a positive way to look at it. Without complicating things I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn how to simplify or why to simplify. Thus ¬†simplification a result of complication.

The ability to remain strong despite a fall from complication is also necessary. This has yet to be shown in my current instance. Falling sucks. It is hard and is usually hard to recover from. I like to think if you do receiver from a fall you are stronger than you were before and will be less likely to fall the same way again. Something else, something bigger will trip you in the future and if you rise from that you’ll be stronger still.

Despite overcomplicating things the calendar continues to move, and Christmas Season is here. We usually put our tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but since Thanksgiving is “late” this year we decided to do it the weekend before. I’m happy with how we did things this year, and it actually goes along with this post: we kept it simple. Red and Gold globes. This year’s tree is a reflection and maybe prophecy of the simplification that is necessary.

Oh, and I’m testing out the first beta of WordPress 3.8. Lovely so far!

Until the next time I remember this is here…

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