A Weekend to Repeat

(You MUST watch the video at the end of this post…)

I’ve been giving thought to what exactly is appropriate content for the weekends. I know a lot of us are busy with other things, so a thought provoking post may not be the best type of content to publish. Plus, I hope you’ll get a chance to spend more time outside, away from your computer/phone/tablet, as the weather beings to get warmer.

With all that said I’m leaning towards the weekends not being as “structured” as the week day posts. Like yesterday’s post, some may have a more personal touch. I also have some posts in mind that will contain “content” that occurred to me while having coffee or a cigar with a friend. (Thinking “Conversations over Coffee” and “Cigar Conversation”). I know the family members who read this won’t mind a more personal related post on the weekend, and I hope my other readers will also enjoy the different flavored content. It will at least show that I am working on some of the things I post about in my own life 🙂

So we’ll begin with this weekend. As I’ve already shared with you yesterday, Friday evening was an absolute blast with close friends and family. Surprisingly I didn’t do an ounce of work this weekend…which was nice for a change and has me thinking about how I can structure my week so that work on the weekend isn’t necessary. I’ll either have to work more hours during the week or cut the amount of work I do outside of the day job. It will most likely be a combination of both. More on this to come.

Since work wasn’t on my mind so much I felt at ease spending a lot of time with Lindsay and Mozzie (and Lucy). This was a great weekend of family/friend time, and the type of weekend I hope to have more often.

Photos from this weekend are below. I hope you had a great weekend, too!

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