This is grossly outdated, as of November 2016, and needs to be updated. Read below if you’d like, most is still true, but overall this needs a refresh. Expect that soon. Happy reading 🙂


First and foremost, let’s get the basic things out of the way.

Aaron Aiken enjoying a Manhattan at the Hilton in Harrisburg
That’s me, enjoying a Manhattan. If they allowed smoking I would have been enjoying a cigar, too 🙂

My name is Aaron Aiken .

You can find me on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are interested in following me around outside of this site, G+ and Twitter are your best options.

And now the obligatory: I’m terrible at writing about myself.

Now, Speaking to You

When I read an ‘About’ page I am trying to determine whether or not this person is interesting, has something to offer me, will teach me something, or will make me laugh. If they meet any of those criteria I will probably Follow their blog (if they are flying with WordPress.com) or I will add them to my RSS reader.

All of the criteria above is what I hope to offer you.

Almost a Pilot and Business Owner

Aaron Aiken in 2005 Next to the Cessna 150 he Flew for 49 hours.
That’s me, back in 2005, with a head of hair and a passion for being in the sky. I’ll need to check my log book to confirm the hours, but I’m up there around 49 hours or so. Was checked out to fly at controlled and uncontrolled airports, also completed my long cross-country on a beautiful fall day in 2006.

As of 2006 I am 3 hours shy of earning my Private Pilot License. This is one thing I was extremely passionate about but in the end made a few bad decisions and quit right before the finish line. I have also grown two businesses to the “full-time” income status and in both cases made a few bad decisions at the wrong time and needed to go back to being an Employee. These are three instances that demonstrate my passion to start and quit. This gives me a unique perspective on starting things and quitting things, when doing one or the other is good and bad.

Married my High School Sweetheart

Family walk with Lindsay, Lucy, Mozzie, and me.
Family walk!

Neither one of us knew what we wanted to do in life, realistically, but we did know that we wanted to be there for each other as we figured it out. Looking back at the first 7 years of our marriage, I would say that figuring it out and being there for each other is what we have done.  Now we have an awesome kid to share our journey with, Mozzie Dean jumped into our lives on August 27, 2013. Pretty awesome kid 🙂

I Love to Create Things

Writing in my Moleskine Notebook with my Pelikan fountain pen
Writing in my Moleskine Notebook with my Pelikan fountain pen

Mostly, I love to write. Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember; something I excelled at in high school and college, and something I do for fun now. Growing up I always had the dream of being published, not knowing what that meant exactly, but wanting it. Whether or not that will happen at some point is not a concern of mine any more. I’d rather write for the sake of writing.

That being said, I do write every day so that I can become a better writer. I try my best to write on this site every day, even on weekends, and also write in a personal journal every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I have always expressed myself best through writing, and have always thoroughly enjoyed the art of writing.

Favorite “writing” book: Bird by Bird, by Ann Lamott

I Also Work

By day I am a Business Analyst for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. By early morning I am a web developer/business owner.  I am also on the board of the Harrisburg Cigar Club, Inc.

So there you have it. That is a quick snapshot of me, your author. I hope that you found something up there interesting, observed that through my life experience to this point I have a few things that I can teach you, and most certainly can use to make you laugh. All of that is what I have to offer you…I hope you’ll stick around.

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Before you leave this page, please leave a comment (below) just saying hello or anything else that is on your mind.


Aaron Aiken

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