Bringing Back the Tangible Life

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Apps. Phones. Computers. Tablets. Electronic books. Computer in your pocket. Always having access to virtually unlimited knowledge (i.e. Google). Never getting lost. Never unavailable. Always connected. What do we end up with after living life like this for so many years? Nothing but digital records. This is something I'm beginning to have a problem with. We … Continue reading Bringing Back the Tangible Life

Making Small Changes that will Bring Big Results (Eventually)

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An Update on Schedules and Time Management A week or so ago we discussed sleep and how annoyingly important it is. In that post I shared this thought with you: ...I am inclined to take another look at my schedule. Move things around (again) and figure out how I can still do what I need … Continue reading Making Small Changes that will Bring Big Results (Eventually)

Never Stop Asking Questions

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"...just before Ibragim [Todashev] was shot—seven times, in two bursts, including once in the top of the head—he was about to write a confession implicating himself and alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a brutal triple homicide that took place in Waltham, Massachusetts, in September 2011." - Susan Zalkind, The Murders Before the Marathon Questions … Continue reading Never Stop Asking Questions