How to Start, Fail, Start Again, and Succeed

A book. A true story.

about a man and his business. and his mistakes. so you can learn from them. and not repeat them.


I hate when people lie to me. This is me (pictured). I’m real. I live in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I have started two businesses. One of them was a total failure. The other is standing on one leg. This book is a 15 minute look at how I started, how I failed, how I’m getting back up, and how to define success.


Read this thing from cover to cover and you’ll spend 15 minutes of your time with me. I recommend reading this with a cup of coffee, because if you and I were to meet and discuss this, we would be drinking coffee. Short because I know how valuable time is, and I know the feeling of wasted time, and how desperately we all try to use our time wisely.

sunrisefromspacethe beginning

I’m young. Plenty of time left to succeed at a few things, fail at more things, and continue writing about both. That means that this is version 1 of my story. Just getting started. Which means that no matter where you are at in life this little book will apply. Whether for gossip or for learning, you’ll get something out of it.


Free? No. Expensive? No. Am I charging? Yes. Why? I try to earn something with everything. I’m not asking a lot, just $7.95. Enough to cover my time and enough to make a drop in the bucket. Also low enough that it won’t strap you, because believe me, I know what it means to be on a tight budget.

Coming Soon.

I am currently in edit mode. Goal is to have available for sale sometime in 2014. Signup to receive new posts via email so that you are notified (look in the sidebar or footer for the email signup form). Thanks!!
How to Start, Fail, Start Again, and Succeed

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