Say Something Nice

Quick food for thought today:

If you have something nice to say, say it.

If you are happy to see someone, say so.

As you go through you super hectic days and focus on your never ending to-do list, don’t forget that at the end of the day we all have one thing in common: we are humans. And since we have that in common most of us need to hear positive things every once in a while (some more than others, some less than others). You don’t know what they need to hear or when they need to hear it.

So, if you have something nice to say, say it. If you are happy to see someone, say so. You just might make their day.

Say Thank You and Good Job

There is something to be said for positive reinforcement. Especially when you are a hard worker.

You give every task 110%. When you are finished it is perfect. You genuinely feel as though you have completed something (which is a great feeling to have) and present it to your boss or client.

Once you present whatever it is, there are two possible outcomes. The first, and worst, is you receive nothing but criticism. You didn’t do that, forgot to do this, I don’t like how this looks. Why did we hire you? You better not bill me for this. Stop wasting my time with this, it’s not even finished. Etc.

Motivating, right? Makes you want to revisit everything to please someone who can’t be pleased. I don’t think so. But, you’ll eventually cool off and get back to work, hating every second of it.

The second, and more encouraging outcome, is praise mixed with constructive criticism and honest dialogue. You hear words like “thank you,” and “I appreciate your time.” Questions are asked, looking for honest answers, not insinuating or accusing anything or anyone. Both parties move in the same direction at the same pace trying to hit the same target. It isn’t you against them, or them against you. Even though they pay you, or are your superior in some way, the current conversation is approached as equals. And they say, “thank you, I appreciate your time. I can tell that you are working very hard on this and appreciate all of your effort. Keep up the good work.”

You go back to your desk, and no matter what it is you have to do next, you feel excited, encouraged, pumped, high on life, and happy. You begin to work immediately and love every second of it.

I heard those words the other day. And it was amazing. To hear those positive words was worth more than any payment that could be received. Knowing that you, and your time, are genuinely valued and appreciated is priceless.

If you work with other people, other human beings, whether they are “above,” “below,” or “equal” to you in whatever organization it is, say Thank You and Good Job. I guarantee that they will smile and will continue producing awesome work for you. Do this today.