Bringing Back the Tangible Life

Beach view

Apps. Phones. Computers. Tablets. Electronic books. Computer in your pocket. Always having access to virtually unlimited knowledge (i.e. Google). Never getting lost. Never unavailable. Always connected. What do we end up with after living life like this for so many years? Nothing but digital records. This is something I'm beginning to have a problem with. We … Continue reading Bringing Back the Tangible Life

What is More Important: Electricity or the Internet?

Comparing electricity to the Internet is actually simple. Electricity changed things. It changed how humans lived life, worked, played, communicated, and so much more. The Internet did a lot of the same. It changed how we communicate, spend our free time, earn a living, and so much more (banking, investing, booking vacations, buying groceries, etc). … Continue reading What is More Important: Electricity or the Internet?