Bringing Back the Tangible Life

Apps. Phones. Computers. Tablets. Electronic books.

Computer in your pocket. Always having access to virtually unlimited knowledge (i.e. Google). Never getting lost. Never unavailable.

Always connected.

What do we end up with after living life like this for so many years? Nothing but digital records.

This is something I’m beginning to have a problem with.

We are living in a time where having control over technology isn’t even a thought. Instead, we always seem to be on the lookout for ways to have technology control us. I’m afraid we are beginning to lose touch with the Tangible Life.

More on this to come.


Genuinely Thankful

Last night my wife brought together close friends and family to celebrate my birthday. I do not enjoy birthday parties for myself, but this one was much different. There is no feeling like when you know that people care and took time out of their busy week to do something for you.

I left last night feeling genuinely thankful for the people that I have so close in my life.

Party crowd at Pints for my birthday.
We had the party at Pints Bar & Grill in Harrisburg. Family, friends, and friends who are fellow members of the Harrisburg Cigar Club had a good time enjoying good food, good drinks,  good cigars, and great company.